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SPA Introduction
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Welcome to the Student Passport Alliance (SPA) website

SPA is a collaborative effort by its creators, the four major healthcare organizations in the Great Lakes Bay Region: Bay Regional Medical Center, Covenant HealthCare, MidMichigan Medical Center-Midland, and St. Mary’s of Michigan.  The intention of this endeavor is to enhance, ease and empower student nurses and other healthcare students throughout their orientation experience.

Completing the SPA requirements is a twofold process.  The first part is a review of content required by all four of the “creator” healthcare organizations.  The second part consists of the additional requirements applicable to the relevant creator organization.  To view the specific orientation content contained in the second part, the user will simply click on the applicable healthcare organization’s icon and follow the instructions

Authors of the SPA

At the time of conception, the Authors of the SPA were Kay Wagner, MSN, RN, Manager of Workforce Development at MidMichigan Medical Health; Laura Acton, MA, BSN, RN, BC Director of Educational Resources at St. Mary's of Michigan; M. Gay Showalter,MSN, RN, BC, Recruiter/Nurse Educator at Bay Regional Medical Center; Robin Begick, RN, MSN, Coordinator of the Patient Services Educational Programs at Covenant HealthCare; Andrea Frederick, MSN, RN, Director of Quality and Workforce Development for Nursing at MidMichigan Medical Center-Midland; Charla Warren, BS-Health Care Administration, Employment Specialist-Nurse Recruiter at Covenant HealthCare; and Ann Bleshenski, BSN, Educator at St. Mary's of Michigan.

The SPA was developed to meet the specific needs of the creators and their specific internal procedures.  Therefore, the SPA and any information contained in the SPA may not be suitable for use by any other organization.  Also, the creators may make frequent changes to the SPA without notice.  Regular use of the SPA is meant only for the creators, their employees, and their students under the creators’ rules and guidelines.

With those warnings in mind, the creators grant conditional permission for other organizations to use the information contained in the SPA.  As a condition for usage, other organizations agree to release the creators, the authors, Great Lakes Bay Michigan Works! (Saginaw County / Midland County / Bay County Job Training Partnership Act Consortium), the County of Saginaw, and Spicer Group, Inc. from any and all claims, liability, damages, injuries, costs, and fees that the organization or individual may incur as a result of usage of the SPA or information contained in the SPA.  Use the SPA or any information contained in the SPA by anyone other than the creators, their employees, or their student nurses constitutes acceptance of this release of liability.

Today is July 5, 2015.
Any certificate or passport printed today will be valid from:

April 29, 2015 - April 29, 2016


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